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Discover the Pays de Falaise, Heart of Normandy in pictures …

The Pays de Falaise Tourist Office can provide you with a selection of visuals to promote tourism in our area on request..

You wish to use these visuals for non-commercial purposes?
Obtain them in high resolution on simple request and acceptance of the conditions of use, directly from the Pays de Falaise Tourist Office. Contact us


Terms and conditions of use :
The use of the photos on the Falaise site that you are about to receive is strictly reserved for the tourist promotion of Normandy, its accommodation, its activities and its tourist sites. The marketing of these visuals is not authorised.
For T.O. / Coach operators / Travel agencies / EC …We remind you that the use of these photographic documents is limited to publications distributed free of charge (leaflets, brochures). The use of the visuals is not authorized for the covers of the documents.
For the press: These visuals are intended to illustrate articles which only participate in the tourist promotion of the region.
Mandatory mentions at the time of publication: “©Jacques Basile_OT Falaise et son Pays”.
The Falaise Tourist Office website will not be held responsible for any failure by the borrower to comply with its obligations regarding the use of these visuals.
Tourist Office of Falaise and its area
Falaise et son pays - Tourist office - Normandy

Tourist Office of Pays de Falaise
5, Place Guillaume le Conquérant
14700 Falaise
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