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What about discovering the town where William the Conqueror was born ?

The town was founded in the middle ages, and grew in the shadow of its imposing fortress. Birthplace of William the Conqueror, Duke of Normandy, King of England and hero of the Bayeux Tapestry, the town was an important economic centre. It was famous for commerce and industry, much of it in luxuries, such as fur, drapery, hat making and tanning.

Built on a stunning site, the birthplace of William the Conqueror offers walkers a combination of nature and architectural riches. Between town and country, dotted with fabulous views, walk the town walls and the winding paths of the nearby rocky outcrops. A really varied walk.

The town has survived many sieges, but that of the Second World War was probably the darkest. Closing the Falaise Pocket (or Gap) was the denouement of the Battle of Normandy. The Memorial Museum at Montormel tells the story of the final stages of this decisive and bloody battle. Since May 2016, Falaise has been home to the Memorial Museum of civilian life in the war. This unique exhibition explains what daily life was like for ordinary people caught in the conflict

Falaise and its surrounding area is full of exceptional historic buildings: churches, castles, walls and chateaux.
The trail has 18 key points of interest marked with interactive terminals, pavement bosses or information panels to guide you through the town and its history. Get the leaflet from the Tourist Office or download it below.


Médiathèque Falaise - crédits : Ville de Falaise

Médiathèque Falaise – crédits : Ville de Falaise

Tourist Office of Falaise and its area
Falaise et son pays - Tourist office - Normandy

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